Welcome to the City of Brent, Alabama!

Welcome to the City of Brent. I am Bobbie White, the mayor of the City of Brent.  Brent is located in the center of the state, easily accessible to U.S, 82, and Alabama 5, 25, and 219. We are a bedroom community of approximately 4,450 residents, and our citizens are very service minded.
The City of Brent is a very strong community with deep ties among their citizens.  On May 27, 1973, a category 4 tornado tore through the City of Brent.  The tornado destroyed approximately 90 percent of the city.  The largest church in the community, Brent Baptist, was destroyed by the tornado.  The tornado demolished more than 12,000 acres of timber and over 500 buildings; 72 people in the area were injured.
All of the citizens of Brent rallied together and rebuilt their community. We are a strong Christian community full of caring, hard working people. The citizens of Brent are growing together.  Brent is becoming stronger and more successful each and every day.  We welcome everyone to come to Brent and see all we have to offer.

                                                                                                                                                      Bobbie White

City of Brent, Alabama USA
22 First Street, Brent, Alabama 35034
Phone (205) 926-4643 Fax (205) 926-6061
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June 19, 2023
For Juneteenth